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fabric-1“Getting The Right Retractable Awnings Fabric Will Help Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Functional and Enjoyable”

Whether it’s for your porch, deck, or patio, adding retractable awnings to your home is a practical solution to making your outdoor living space more functional. Learn more about how awning fabrics rejuvenate your home.

Colorful awning fabrics that add style and practical function

With the advancement of synthetic fabric technology, you can have more awning fabric color and design options to choose from! Be it traditional striped, solid colors, or printed with catchy designs, the right retractable awning fabric will add:

  1. A colorful touch of style that fits to your home's architectural style
  2. Flexibility between enjoying the starry night, and avoiding rain showers and harsh UV rays.
  3. Value to your property (home or business)

Choosing The Right Fabric for Long-lasting Quality Use

For your home’s retractable awnings, it’s best to get awning fabric with an even thickness that will block out the harsh UV rays, but won’t be too expensive to install. There are two basic types of awning fabrics, which can give you unique and specific benefits:

Laminated Plastic Fabric

  • Consists of a center denier scrim for strength, layered by two colorized layers, which are then sandwiched between two layers of protective lamination.
  • Finished with vinyl topcoating that resists color fading, gives it a smooth texture and enhances color vibrancy.
  • Ideal for areas with sustained high humidity 24/7 use.

fabric-2Acrylic Fabric

  • Composed of a single woven colored acrylic layer sandwiched between protective coats, giving it optimum resistance against water, rot, mildew, UV rays and excessive fading.
  • Acrylic woven fabrics are flexible, durable and long-lasting (often outlasting its years of warranty)
  • The fabric thread is solution-dyed making it colorfast and resistant to fading, and long-lasting, with a woven texture to the touch.

Be it in warm, solid tones to invite new customers to your business, or to add a touch of charm and a sense of family to your home’s outdoor dining area, retractable awnings come in all styles to suit each inidvidual's personal needs. Modern synthetic fabric material gives retractable awnings greater strength and flexibility, while coatings and laminates provide protective and color qualities that give you a very wide variety of choices found in the market today. Most awning fabrics today can provide shade and protection from the weather, while retaining their flexibility and quality of color for many years.

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