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Install Your New Retractable Awnings with The Best System and Professional Installation in Columbus

eclipse-logoGetting the reliable and long-lasting home additions for your home and family use means getting the best products and professional installation services on the market. Let Weather Armor show you how trusting Eclipse Awnings Systems will allow you to optimize your outdoor living space while giving you long-lasting service.

The Best Retractable Awning Systems Available To You

Weather Armor is an authorized dealer and installation specialist of Eclipse retractable awning systems in Columbus. The Eclipse Motorized Retractable Awning, the SC Semi Cassette Retractable Awning, and the Total Eclipse Motorized Awning are just three of their most popular awnings choices from which you can pick.

You can choose from a complete line of Eclipse’s state-of-the-art systems for a wide variety of applications and mounting types. By maximizing yours and your family’s solar protection (of up to 90% of harmful UV rays), you can optimize your outdoor area and turn it into a multi-use space for your kids and pets to play, or for family and social activities.

Eclipse Awning Systems is one of the pioneers in the development of retractable awning market, with choices ranging from motorized retractable awning systems to window awnings, exterior solar screens, and interior solar shades. Eclipse’s revolutionary Advanced Belt Technology (ABT) tension system and its powder-coated high strength aluminum frame and stainless steel components are the best in the business. You can be confident that you’re getting the best product and value in the market for the best price.

Professional Installation Services that Carries The Seal of Approval

Weather Armor is recognized for its excellent customer service, and prompt and professional installation expertise. We have a team of Eclipse factory-trained installation specialists who can correctly install your new Eclipse retractable awning system. We can do it quickly and properly, without too much disturbance to your home or your activities.

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